The Holland Casino based in Leidesplein, Amsterdam has closed its doors until March 31st. The step was taken as the Dutch government imposed further restrictions to combat the spread of the Coronavirus.

The day 1a of the World Poker Tour Deepstacks main event was in play at the time of the announcement within the casino. This event has now been postponed as as result. 14g Ceramic Poker Chips

Holland Casino closes it doors

The event began on 7th March, but due to further concerns the casino was left with no option. This decision also has the knock-on effect of automatically cancelling the Venmo series due to begin next week.

The Holland Casino is one of the largest in Amsterdam, hosting hundreds of slot machines downstairs and upstairs clients can find a mixture of table games, roulette and the poker area.

Many professional poker players have called for all live poker games to be cancelled, with Daniel Negreanu saying the following on Twitter.

Currently Las Vegas is continuing to operate as normal, although there are concerns about the environment in which casinos operate. This is especially true for poker where many people can be crowded in small spaces passing chips to one another.

It would appear that it will only be a matter of time before more casinos have to close their doors for the time being to protect both consumers but also their staff as well. With the UK government switching the delay phase of their contingency plan, it is soon to be expected that they will follow the lead of other governments and ban gatherings of more than 500 people.

Holland Casino closes it doors

China Board Game Manufacturers Casinos and the gaming industry are not the only companies to suffer from the recent turmoil. Travel and airline companies have taken a huge blow to their stocks as less and less people look at holidays abroad.